Skeppargården Pellas

Museum & café

Shipmaster`s homestead Pellas, "Skeppargården Pellas", is a museum opened during summertime which tells the story of the Aland islands important historic era called the farmer shipping era from around 1850-1920, a period that has been called the golden era of Aland. Skeppargården Pellas is also a museum over the Eriksson family that has lived on the farm for many generations. In the main building there is a small café with homemade cakes, sandwiches and the famous Åland pancake.


Adults 5 €, children under 15 years free.
Guided tours 60 € + normal admission fee. Guided tours only for pree booked groups!


13.06–27.08.2023, Tuesday -Sunday  11-16

(Monday closed!)

Groups according to agreement.


E-mail [email protected]

Phone during opening hours to Pellas +358 (018) 34 420

or to Freya Darby +358 457 3131 4012


Photo exhibition in the Attic:

Herzogin Cecilie

Unique photographs taken by Pamela Eriksson onboard the four masted barque Herzogin Cecilie 1934-1936. Pamela Bourne travellad as passenger onboard the ship, met the Captain Sven Eriksson from Pellas and fell in love both with the ship and its master.

The exhibition has been produced by Freya Darby, the daughter of Sven and Pamela Eriksson in cooperation with Ulla-Lena Lundberg and Per-Ove Högnäs. The photos have been edited by Kjell Söderlund.

The exhibition is shown during Pellas normal opening hours and is included in the entrance fee.

Unique rooms with atmosphere

To rent

It is possible to rent the main building, the barn and the baking hut for parties, meeting, concerts, courses and so on. The buildings give your event an unique and atmospheric frame. Read more below!

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